The moon is currently moving through the final degrees of Aries so be careful when using knives or sharp implements as this is the sign when injury is most likely to occur in such a way. Why?

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of masculine energy. When expressed positively this is heroic action; doing what’s right in any given situation without hesitation.

When expressed negatively this is destructive action; action that is without thought of the impact or consequences…(or complete passivity / indecision).

Years ago I was watching Law & Order SVU (pre-motherhood when I could still watch violence) & there was a case of a stabbing & the crime psychologist made the point that a knife is phallic object, so men who harbour misogyny (fear of the feminine which translates into aggression towards women & feminine men) will often use a knife as a weapon of choice.

A knife is a phallus which destroys rather than creates. He made the point (pun intended) that those with stabbing convictions often start by using smaller pointed objects like a pin, using it anonymously to inflict harm on others. I remember this being done by boys in my junior high year when we lined up for class.

So, a dark reflection I share. Not intended to scare but to create awareness of the underlying reason behind shadow masculine behaviour. So whether you know someone who self harms or you accidentally injure yourself with a sharp object, consider starting a conversation with your inner masculine & ask him how you can help affirm his strengths & abilities to evoke the hero rather than directing, consciously or unconsciously his energy in way that is self-destructive.

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