Moon will soon be void as she moves through the last degrees of Capricorn without forming any aspects to other planetary spheres…so you may find it hard to maintain focus.

If you can do physical things that don’t require a lot of mental focus like baking, fixing, building, gardening, crafting etc

Capricorn lunar transits can cause us to feel a bit weighed down by tradition, so look for opportunities to bring in fresh energy to the old way of doing things – for instance, it may be time to review who & how you host the festivities of this holiday season.

Whilst the moon in Capricorn can insist we conform to the appropriate protocol, such as always going to the same family member’s home & having the same menu – sometimes ‘something completely different’ can be just what is needed to appreciate what we may have taken for granted & also bring a fresh perspective.

Cappy invites us to question our structures & if necessary re-structure. This encouraged everyone to take responsibility rather than it becoming a burden for just one person or household.

Moon in Cappy is also a great time for bodywork, so if you’ve been feeling creaky – this is a good time to see a therapist for osteo or remedial massage.

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