The moon is now waxing in Pisces. This is a window for healing on an emotional level. Why?

Pisces takes us deep into our past, often through a karmic meeting with someone from our past, whether that’s in person, via email or perhaps finding something which reminds us of someone from our past or someone who looks like them.

This is because Pisces rules the 12th house. the final sign of the zodiac.

So Pisces asks us, ‘What do you need to let go of on an emotional level so you can start a new chapter?’

So if you want to ensure you’re fully available to whatever new opportunities are trying to come your way, it’s time to clean out your emotional closet from anything in your past which is not yet fully resolved.

Resolving Karmic…

Karmic connections are those people we’ve interacted with & the mutual lessons were not learned so there is a sense of unfinished business. If we don’t learn the lesson we repeat it with someone else & often reconnect with the people from our past incarnations who we have unresolved karma with.

We are taught to think that a good relationship is a long one. This is not necessarily the case. A healthy relationship is one where both parties seek to understand their part in the dance. When this occurs the sacred contract is complete & both are free to move on.

Our challenge during moon in Pisces is to not see ourselves as victims of our past.

Rather, feel the feelings & seek to identify the lesson so you can move on, grateful for having had the experience…regardless of whether the other person has or not.

Life is a process of continual change & growth, this can only occur when we take responsibility for our karma, the effects of our past actions instead of blaming others to avoid self-reflection.

Blessings on your day,


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